This “STARTUP” Culture Will Kill Pakistan’s Reputation Soon

Life Story - Bussiness - This “STARTUP” Culture Will Kill Pakistan’s Reputation Soon

Disclaimer :
This article appeared in KHALEEJ Magazine in 2017 written by MirMak .

Conferences, incubation centers, award ceremonies, university sponsorship, 10.8 billion speakers in Pakistan each claiming to know entrepreneurship better than Steve Jobs, funding seminars with zero VC’s, you name it and it has been going on but 98% of Pakistani startups have only done one thing and one thing alone, they have just “Started Up” and nothing else. Nobody is producing expansion from their revenues but looking for further funding based on their previous revenues

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Mohsin Ikram / March 3, 2019


Excuse me Sir, did i just read 10.8 billion speakers? i believe it’s a typo error and you originally means million?


Rai Abdulrehman / March 24, 2019

Well,I do agree with you 100%. And what I personally feel about this issue is that the lack of mentorship is the actual problem. Another piece of cake is that young hustlers of this great soil just wake up on a fine morning,get an idea of owning a business and after a couple of days,they come up with their business cards with their name and company’s logo on it. And certaily with no practical knowledge about business and entrepreneurship. And as far as these seminars are concerned,these are the second side of Showbiz industry of Pakistan. Just filled with all that glamour and entitlement thing.


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