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Mir Mohammad Alikhan


Mir Mohammad Alikhan is a Wall street trained Pakistani Investment Banker, Author and Capital Markets Advisor who has been living in Pakistan since November 2009 after having spent almost majority of his life overseas from his early teenage years.

Fitnesstraining moet worden aangevuld met een adequaat voedingsplan wat zijn steroiden koop een recept voor oxandrolon, steroïde cycli te koop – charlieware-software.From the paternal side, he is from the family of “Mirs Of Hyderabad Deccan”, and from the maternal side, he is the grandson of Syed Ali Asghar Bilgrami, Asif Jahi, The Last Governor of the Deccan State, under the rule of Mir Osman Alikhan, The Last Nizam of Hyderabad Deccan.

Mir Mohammad Alikhan, widely known as MirMak, is credited with being the First Muslim in the history of Wall Street to have Founded and Owned, a Full Service Investment Bank at the age of 29 years. He started his career at The Prudential Financial Services, the world’s largest financial services company at that time. After having served in many positions within The Prudential and other smaller investment banks on Wall Street, and having been promoted to the post of Executive Vice President by the time he was 27 years of age, Mir decided to acquire a license for a full service investment bank and go on his own. Specializing in handling high net worth clients from the Middle Eastern region on Wall street.

Mir’s life is full of colorful events, triumphs, tribulations and some media created controversies, specially an article published on his life in The New York Times, on January 2nd, 2000, in the first edition of the new millennium. A full page article in the first edition of the millennium dedicated to an investment bank, that had been forced to close its doors, 9 months prior to the article being published, Mir believes and explains with documentary evidence, in his

video reply, to be an ill intent based propaganda to indirectly create a controversy about the, then President of Pakistan, A military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf, in whose government, Mir had been appointed an Advisor in what was known as The National Reconstruction Bureau.

My Video Reply To New York Times Article “Was He Wiser Than The Wise Guys” Which Was Published Against Me 16 Years Ago.

My Reply To New York Times Article Against Me “Was He Wiser Than The Wise Guys”..From 16 Years Ago. 16 Long years I Have Waited Patiently To Answer The Real Reasons Why I Was A Threat To The Zionist Controlled Sections Of Wall Street As The First Muslim To Establish An Investment Bank On Wall Street. The First Muslim To Be Just 2 Months Away To Take Over A Billion Dollar World Famous Company Called The Sports Authority, At The Age Of 31 Years. The First Muslim To Be Involved With The Core Of The United States Republican Party With Governors, Senators, Ex-Presidents Of America And Much Much More. I Have Waited 16 Long Years To Answer This BASELESS Lies Infested Article From A Zionist Lobby Loving Newspaper With DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE. You Will See Everything In This Video. Not A Single Document Is Crafted By Me, They Are All Their Documents Which Prove My Point. There Was A QARZ On Me To Answer For The Respect Of My Parents…Aur Aaj Woh Qarz Uttar Gaya. 

Mir, his investment bank and his life has been covered in newspapers around the world in the most positive manner for decades. Specially by the entire Middle Eastern media since the year, 1996 has covered all his accomplishments in headline news See More. All major newspapers in the GCC, without exception of any, Arabic and English, have covered his life accomplishments, professional and personal.

MirMak’s life in America was a typical immigrant success story. Rising from the bottom to the top ladders of Wall Street. Mir attended Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey campus and to support his studies he not only washed floors and mopped tables at The Burger King Restaurant on Easton Avenue, Somerset New Jersey, but he worked as a security guard, drove taxis, punched tags in the apparel section of K-Mart Superstore, without knowing that one day the Chairman of that same $32 billion dollar conglomerate, Joseph E. Antonini, will voluntarily join as the Member Of The Board Of Directors of the investment bank that Mir was to open up on Wall Street. Mr. Antonini served as a board member without any compensation as a testament to Mir’s dedication to the cause. Later on, Mir and Antonini worked jointly together to take over the famous sporting goods mega chain of stores, The Sports Authority, The New York Stock Exchange listed company, in a deal valued to be over $1.2 billion in the year 1999. His investment bank was forcibly shut down just months prior to this huge takeover deal and Mir, in his upcoming autobiography, “STILL STANDING”, explains in detail the reasons behind the closure of the bank and its link to the Sports Authority proposed takeover.

Mir was very actively involved as a Muslim in the United States Of America’s political landscape from a very early stage on Wall Street.  See More. Serving as the youngest Member of The New Jersey Governors’ Council under Governor Christine Todd Whittman, A Member of The U.S. Republican Presidential Taskforce, a campaign contributor to the Presidential candidate, Senator Bob Dole, Senate candidate, for reelection, Senator Alfonse D’Amato. He played an active role in the election of George Pataki to the position of the Governor of the state of New York. Mir also advised 5 Senators and several Congressmen and served as The Grand Marshall for the Florida Republican party event under the patronage of Governor of Florida, Governor Jeb Bush. The brother of The President of The United States, President George Bush.

Mir was also credited to have launched the world’s First Islamic Banking Benchmark Index, known as, S.A.M.I, Socially Aware Muslim Index  which later on was adopted by The Dow Jones Indices along with Mr. Rushdie Siddiqui, who was appointed by Mir as the project head of this initiative. Mir also advised the founders of Harvard Islamic Finance & Information Program, an initiative launched by The Harvard University.

Contrary to the popular misconception that Mir has been living in Pakistan since the year 1999, ever since he left America, in reality Mir only came to Pakistan in 1999 to serve in the Government of General Musharraf and left Pakistan after tendering his resignation, 18 months later. He is contributed to the policy reforms in that government along with the team that he served for many of the electoral reforms and the formation of the Local Government Ordinance of that time. Giving 33% representation to the women in the Parliament of Pakistan, making a university degree a must to run for office of legislation, 21 years of disqualification from running for office if convicted by the highest courts of Pakistan for corruption and bringing the minimum voter age down to 18 years from 21 years, are some of the policy changes that were part of his work at The NRB.

After leaving Pakistan in early 2001, Mir has lived in London United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Paris, France and has ran businesses mostly related to finance and advisory with one exception of Focus Softnet Limited, a Rupees 4 billion Software company with over 850 employees and offices around the world, which he bought a controlling interest in, in the year 2001 and served as its Chief Executive Officer for a short period of time.

Mir credits his learning to his travels in addition to loving books. He has traveled to over 68 countries around the world and some countries repeatedly, and this exposure has made him understand different cultures and mindsets.

In 2008, he decided to finally comeback to Pakistan and a year later, in November 2009, he permanently moved to Pakistan. According to Mir, family and your country are the two basis of your life. Business comes secondary to these two.

“Patriotism is the foundation of my life. It took me a long time to understand that every country has its unique problems. No country is void of problems. The problems may differ in nature, but they are there. So i decided that it is better to be in your own country and be part of the solution instead of being a silent spectator of problems in other countries. It was a tough decision and yes i had problems adjusting in the beginning in Pakistan because i was away and was raised overseas, but i have never regretted moving back. On the contrary, i am at one of the happiest places in my life mentally. Being a Pakistani is not enough, being a Positive minded Pakistani is what we need to teach our youth.”


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Interview With MirMak

Who is MirMak ?

Hahaha. Who am i ? Well i have been trying to find that out for decades myself. I do not look at life too philosophically. To me, life is not about philosophical complications, philosophy of life to me is to make it simple, not complicated. It is become a fashion these days to complicate the most simplest of matters and present them in a very complicated manner. That is not life. Life is supposed to be deciphered in the most simplest of forms as you grow older. Learn from your mistakes, correct them, not repeat them, make yourself into a better human being overtime and focus on simplifying matters as you approach death. That is it.

Now, to your question, who is MirMak. Well the MirMak of his teenage years compared to the MirMak of his 20’s and then his 30’s and his 40’s are absolutely different MirMaks. Absolute evolution. Some self created and the rest created majorly by the events of life.

I grew up in one of the most simplest, loving, caring and educated family. Family with values and bonding. Education was given more value over monetary success. Both my parents had seen so much luxury in their lives because of the families they belonged to and then leaving everything behind for the love of Pakistan, losing everything and gaining a beautiful country, the love of luxuries and money was never discussed in our family. As children growing up in my family, how could we have ever complained about not having luxuries when we knew that our parents had given it all up having their family backgrounds, just to give us  beautiful lives.

So love reigned supreme in our lives. Beautiful childhood i had. I was raised by 3 women, two older sisters and my mother, no brothers, so i have been mentored and sculpted by women. So i understand life from bit of a sensitive and caring point of view as well.

So the answer to your question is that, MirMak has seen too much pain in his 30’s. too much luxuries in his 20’s and too much self realization that brought him closer to Allah, in his later thirties and early 40’s. I am still evolving. I hope to wake up a little better of a human being when i wake up the next morning.

I have seen fame, power, wealth, meteoric rise on Wall Street and then losing it all by the time i was just 34 and then tasting rejection, outright dejection, heartbreak, severe and clinical depression of 18 months, loneliness and having to raise myself out of it all through it to raise 2 boys as a single father and creating a life again, all this played a great role in me becoming who i am. I was always a positive person but my positivity, resilience and optimism was truly tested when i faced severe difficulties, what i used to preach to others i had to apply to my life as well. And that made me what i am today.

How Was It Moving To America At Such An Early Age ?

Oh boy, i hated it in the beginning. Not because i disliked America, but because as a teenager, leaving my friends behind was a terrible thought for me. As a teenager, your friends are everything. But my entire family was moving so i had no choice.

3rd day after i landed, my father sat me down and told me that i had to support myself, mostly. That was a shock to me. Full of anger and disappointment, the same afternoon i went out looking for a job. Since we had moved there on immigration, i had no restrictions for working. And of course, what else could i find as a job but an odd job. So i got a job, mopping floors, washing bathrooms and cleaning the table at Burger King. The best thing that ever happened to me was that job. It crushed my ego. It killed me inside to publicly wash the bathrooms, but i promised myself that i would rise to the occasion. Our ego is what keeps us from moving ahead. And mine was doing the same. But i literally saw my ego break into pieces. The process of my ego getting shattered was painful but the after effect was great. I had no qualms left about anything afterwards except to pursue my goals. I took any job i could afterwards. Going to school at night and working during the day. Learning and adapting to the new culture was my goal. And the rest was history. Allah was kind and always has been to me.

How Was Working On Wall Street ?

It was wonderful. It was tough. It was heartbreaking. It was educating. It was pleasure. It was pain. It was everything and more. You see, when i joined Wall Street, there were no Pakistanis, at least that i knew of. In commercial banking side of the financial world, there were many Pakistanis but on the investment banking side, there were none. Commercial banks do not operate out of Wall Street. Investment banks do.

Wall Street was and is a very cut throat place. A place where there is no mercy, no mentors, no guides, nobody to lead you to your destiny or correct you if you make a mistake. And on top of that everyone is looking to take your place. It is so tough that your nerves can be shattered if you are not a strong person. Plus i started as a Stock Broker, that meant i had no salary. I was working at The Prudential Financial Services in Estate Planning & Taxation Department. I was making a salary of $28,000 plus with my commissions, i had made about $62,000 the previous year. I begged my management to move me into investment banking but there were no positions open. So i was offered a job as a Stock Broker. And Stock Brokers make no salary on Wall Street. For me to give up the comfort of a salary, be totally dependent on commissions, to many it would be a fools’ paradise to dive into, but to me, if i had not taken that risk in pursuance of my goal, i would not be where i got and you would not be interviewing me today.

I worked hard and smart. I learned. I applied what i learned to every situation. I had great teachers but they were too tough. And those teachers did not come along until i started showing results on my own. So the first ascend was all by myself. I got promotions within the first few years and ended up becoming a Vice President in the next 4 years. I was producing more in commissions and bringing more in Assets Under Management than others. The rest you could read in my autobiography. “STILL STANDING” is the name. I do not want to reveal much.

What Happened With New York Times ? Why Did They Write Against You ?

 Well, watch the video reply of mine. I have replied it with evidence, documents of their own, and facts.  Mir MAK Reply

What Made You Move Back To Pakistan ?

My heart happened. Lol. I travelled around the world. I lived in several countries. Then finally my heart screamed that i wanted to permanently move back to my country. It took me a year to decide and pack up. Then i moved. And the rest is history.
I believe in Pakistan. I believe in the people of Pakistan, specially the youth of Pakistan. Ever since i have moved back, i travel around Pakistan at my own expense, i give speeches that i don't charge for, i train the youth, i do not even charge for my travels, i do it because i feel it is my duty to be good to the youth. I have been doing it for 5 years now, I have given more than 200 speeches. Travelled to the remotest parts of Pakistan.
Pakistan is my love. Yes there are problems. Huge problems. But just pointing out problems is not a sign of intelligence, becoming a part of the solution is. So that is what i am trying to do and that is what i teach the youth to do.

Thank you Mir Saheb.

Thank you for interviewing me.

Usama Rizvi

The writer is a freelancer journalist who writes for Daily times, Dawn, and The Nation.

He is a commodity analyst for Seekingalpha and Oilprice, one of the most popular energy news website in the world.


He is an Editor at a European Digital Magazine, Modern Diplomacy.


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