The End Of Petro-Dollar Is Near And Its The Crypto Currency That Is The Culprit

Life Story - Technology - The End Of Petro-Dollar Is Near And Its The Crypto Currency That Is The Culprit

Iran announced that it is developing its own Crypto Currency. Venezuela just launched a petroleum-Backed currency yesterday and raised $735 million in a few hours. If Russia, China and all American foes develop a currency backed by oil, there will be a new era of the beginning of the end of Petro-Dollar monopoly of America.

And if the Petro-Dollar monopoly breaks, it will bring an end to the American Economic might. And the American Economic might is linked to the might of Wall Street and the strength of its financial system. This is the reason the Wall Street is dying to bring Bitcoin and other currencies under regulation. The only way to control its growth is by regulating it. And by regulating it they will restrict the issuance of new crypto currencies to and by their favorite entities. Countries like Venezuela, Iran and others will never be able to launch their own currencies. I will not be surprised if North Korea is next in line to launch its own currency.

The might of American sanctioning power through economic and financial blockades will no longer be effective. You will not need banks to transfer funds thus making the blocking of transfer of funds irrelevant if not obsolete.

Saddam opposed Petro-Dollars and suggested that petroleum be traded in Euro. He was killed using the excuse of Weapons Of Mass Destruction. Qaddafi opposed the same and suggested a Gold Backed African Dinar for trading petroleum and he is no longer alive. Bhutto suggested a Muslim Monetary Fund instead of The IMF and King Faisal supported him, neither are alive and were unceremoniously sent to their creators.

This time it seems to be out of the hands of America. It takes years to topple a government. Preparations, coups, Economic espionage and what not. But it takes just a month to develop a SMART CONTRACT to launch a currency.

Whoever that Satoshi Nakamoti is or was, I doubt he was a lone man. I am beginning to believe that whoever he was, he was one revolutionary group of people who wanted the tyrannical “American Financial Might” to come to an unruly end. And believe me, an unruly end it is coming to. The question now is, will the American Federal Reserve, SEC, FBI, CIA, DEA, NSA, ATF, Pentagon, Congress, Senate and all its other stooge countries be able to stop it ? Let’s wait and see.

Author: Mir Mohammad AliKhan


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