No Pressure No Diamonds….

Life Story - Motivation - No Pressure No Diamonds….

Positivity is never tested in good times. Never. How could it be. Good times are Euphoric. Everything is going great and your mind gets used to wanting more of it. The better the situation gets the better you want it to get so your mind goes into receiving mode. It wants more of what it is getting and us humans get so quickly used to the wanting mode that we forget the line between positivity and strength of character. Strength of character comes in when your mind leaves the euphoric mode and you are facing the darkest of uncertainty. When your mind sees no hope but your faith does. Once you fall on your face your mind leaves the Euphoric mode and it goes into the defensive mode. It wants the pain to stop. It does not want the dire situation to continue. It wants to avoid the pain and in this mode, under pressure that diamonds are created. Diamonds of Character and its strength. What you learn under severe pressure stays with you for life. It is the way the mind works. It remembers the pain and does its best to avoid it again so it learns how to be strong. how to be positive. How to be resilient. How to have hope. How to have belief in ALLAH. How to increase your Yaqeen IN HIM BEING THE Raaziq.

Tough times will never last. Never. But people who smile through the tough times do. Keeping a smile on your face and keep walking is the only way to make sure you succeed and get where you want to get. And for all of you Stock market geniuses, remember who gave you the money to invest in the markets in the first place? Allah. Remember, who created the profits for you to lose some of it ? Allah. Remember that it is not the first time in life that bad is happening and it will not be the last… so if you want to live to see good times, you have to protect your mind. Practice OPTIMISM when the world has nothing but negativity to discuss. I am not talking about being an idiot and closing your eyes to the world and thinking that all will be well. No. What i am saying is that do your best and then leave it up to Allah. But you have to do your best first.

Always remember that it is not the event that matters. It is not the situation that will make or break you. It will be your reaction to the situation that will decide your future. Anybody can be thankful to Allah in good times, be the one who is thankful to Allah for disasters because it is these disasters which will increase your faith in him. If i told you what i am down since the last one week in the markets, you will have a heart attack. But i will not have one because it is HE who gave it to me and it is he who will protect it and give even more. All i have to do is to believe in him when the world is believing in negativity. Four Major U.S. crashes later, one huge Asian Financial Crisis later, 2008 World Financial Melt down later…. and thousands of days of heart wrenching volatility later… i have learned one thing and one thing only… Use your logic… make a wise decision, keep your faith intact after doing these two things and all will get better in time…

One ray of hope… U.S markets opened up with a slide of 1060 points but recovered 600 points within an hour… This should be a very decent sign. Lets see where the markets settle. But wherever they settle… settle your nerves prior to it otherwise you will be nothing but a loser… not only financially but emotionally as well.



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