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Giving up Is Just one Choice… Concentrate on the million others.

Life Story - Motivation - Giving up Is Just one Choice… Concentrate on the million others.

When you make every obstacle you face, a reason for further motivation, when you decide that hurdles are there to remind you that your goals are worth it, when you realize that your faith in your Creator is stronger than the people who want you to fail, when you understand that all battles of life are fought alone as a human being but with ALLAH along you, When you believe that wanting to give up is normal but giving up in actuality is not, when you feel that the blockades in your path to success are there to test your resilience, that will be the beginning of the strengthening of your will never to give up.

Only when you reach this point will you realize that nothing great is ever accomplished without a greater effort. Remember that the beginning of any goal Is always the hardest, The most difficult, filled with number of obstacles and people who want to discourage you, but once you pass the beginning, rest of the journey becomes bearable. If you do not get discouraged at the start, your mind gets trained for not giving up ever again and vice versa. Rejection is the first step, failure is second, negativity is the third, go through these three steps and the rest of your journey will be a breeze. And for all the would be entrepreneurs and dreamers, remember that the 95% of the people who give up on their dreams are the ones who end up working for the remaining 5% who never gave up.


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