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For the ones who need Confidence in Life

Life Story - Motivation - For the ones who need Confidence in Life

You could only have one thing overwhelm the other in your head. Either its your FAITH or its the fear. Fear comes from self created doubts. FAITH comes from believing in Allah. Believing that I have done my best and now ALLAH will do the rest. Do not confuse your weakness of faith by doubting even the Almighty, and the doubt comes when you say, Allah CAN do this for me…. Instead you should say Allah will do this for me…And if he does not that means there was something better for me and HE will give me that. I was supposed to move into World trade Center in 2000, but a major catastrophe happened in my life and i could not. In 2001, September 11th i realized i would have been dead. On December 26th i had a speech to make to the cream of the World Investment Bankers in Koh Sumoi in Thailand and i missed my flight in Dubai while getting caught in traffic, the world’s largest Tsunami hit that night and 100,000 + people lost their lives, i would have been one of them. Your FAITH is bigger than your problems. Your Belief in Allah is the cure to your Doubts. Doubt your doubts before you get into the habit of doubting your faith and your future. We need FAITH not when things are going good, faith is needed when things are CATASTROPHICALLY bad. Never give up. Never Give in. Never doubt your future. Never doubt his plans for you. If you do not believe in his plans for you, why should he believe in your plans for yourself?


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