Algorithmic Diplomacy And Artificial Intelligence Based Future Policies.

Life Story - Technology - Algorithmic Diplomacy And Artificial Intelligence Based Future Policies.

In this day and age of FB and Big Data, in this day and age of Cambridge Analytic effecting people’s opinions based on their likes and dislikes for political maneuvering. In these times of digital revolution along with Ai predicting the smallest of human drivers’ moves on the roads thus enabling driverless cars. Why can’t we have Big Data in use for creating algorithmic based diplomatic policies. Out doing each other’s moves based on historic data, actions and national and international reactions, conventions based and tabled at the UN and Geneva.

Laws are made to protect people rights and rights are based on societal preferences along with cultural and religious sentiments in mind. One law in one country does not necessarily mean that it’s a law in another country. By the same token, diplomatic reactions brewed from within nationalistic boundaries are also a culmination of people’s wishes and wants, as to how they want to be represented in the world as a nation.

Technology is changing faster than we can accept its usages. Till this day, the brightest of technological evolutions, in politics, have only been used in an evil manner. To influence opinions. To create campaigns against each other with misinformation and propaganda. But I think time is ripe that we use technology and Ai to outdo each other’s Policies or at least create infinite number of possibilities of policy reactions based on Big Data analytics of the nation, but in a positive manner.

A step above The Parliamentarian Democracy or a side tool to algorithmically devise future policies based on percentage benefits to the most of the nation, or to enhance the capabilities of the democratically elected officials. We have robots operating on human hearts, we have technology generated reports helping Neurosurgeons pin point the smallest of anomalies in the brains. We trust technology to save our lives at the most crucial of points but the so called democratic and diplomatic community has never put technology to use. Perhaps because the arrogance of elected officials or the lack of intelligence, both are at the risk of being exposed by an errorless technological assistance.

Whatever the case maybe. An Algorithm can calculate endless possibilities of a single scenario. Why shouldn’t this be used in diplomatic or a democratic set up.

Perhaps there will come a time in this world where emotionless, greed less, self benefit less robots will represent us in the Parliaments of countries. But on a second thought, maybe the politicians will effect the performance of such robots by creating a malfunctioning software out of Panama.

Author: Mir Mohammad AliKhan


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