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Your Success Depends On One Thing Only. YOUR ATTITUDE

Life Story - Motivation - Your Success Depends On One Thing Only. YOUR ATTITUDE

SUCCESS is accomplished through ATTITUDE.

Yes, your attitude towards everything in life will determine your greatness of achievements. Every person has power in this world. We define POWER only by means of money and influence. But power is much more than that. Power is the ability to affect other people’s lives by your words or actions.

Now based on this definition that I have given you, think again. Do you have power? Does a poor man living barely on $2 a day in some ransacked shanty town of some slum has power? Yes, he does. Yes, he does indeed. He has power over his family, his children, his wife. If he treats them with disrespect, he is abusing his power. If he takes out his frustrations on them, he is abusing his power. Now imagine all of a sudden he becomes rich. Filthy rich. Now he has added power that money brought in his life.

Now he has a huge business empire. He has thousands of employees, social circle. People who look up to him. Now he acts even more arrogant. More abusive. More intolerant of others. Now people say that money has corrupted him. Money is evil. Money brought that arrogance in him.


Money did nothing to him. It was him who was like this from day one, money only enhanced and brought his inner personality to the surface. So never blame money for a person’s attitude. When you see a very rich person, ask yourself this question.. Would you like him if he was working for you? Would you like his personality if he was your friend or employee? If the answer is yes, then the chances are, he is a decent person.

Greatness in life is not evaluated in the TARAAZOO of money. Greatness is measured with a person’s attitude towards others. How he inspires them, motivates them, comforts them, leads them by example. And when it comes to financial success, remember that your financial success depends on what your attitude is before you achieve financial success. If you are an arrogant person or a person who acts nice in front of powerful people but arrogant to the ones who are less fortunate than him, he will never be successful.

When there is a TAZAAD (Conflict) in your inner thoughts and behaviour, your outward life can never be the opposite of your inner thoughts. If you are jealous of other people’s wealth, you will never attract wealth. If you are envious of other’s fame, never think that you will become famous. What you can not like in others, your subconscious mind will never create that for you.

Choose the people you spend time with. The 10 most closest people you spend the most time with is what you will become in a few years. Yes, that’s true. If you hang out with jealous people, who discuss jealous matters, you will automatically without even realizing it will become that within a few years. Same goes for the opposite. If you spend time with positive, optimistic, focused, and resilient people, YOU WILL BECOME THAT yourself in a short period of time because inner human self attracts greatness faster than negativity.

Wake up every day and look forward to becoming a person little better than yesterday. Just a tad bit better. Slowly and slowly you will begin to see a change in yourself. Within no time you will get on to the road to greatness. Your attitude will become better and your personality will lead you towards greatness. If you can not find positive people to spend time with, it’s better you spend time alone with positive books. Great things begin to happen in your life when you distance yourself from negativity. Its that SIMPLE.



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