Your DUA Is Actually Your Vision

Life Story - Motivation - Your DUA Is Actually Your Vision

(Vision) without action is daydreaming. Now, replace the word, vision with the word, Dua. (Dua) without action is daydreaming. Hope you got the point.

You ask your creator for what you want based on what you see yourself needing. You envision that you want a car, so you make Dua for a car. You end up in trouble, you are suffering from the pain of that trouble, you envision yourself pain free, you envision yourself free of that trouble, and you make Dua. But imagine, if you make Dua but do not take any action, do you think that your Dua or your Vision, would ever materialize ? No. It will not.

So, your Dua in actuality is your vision but attached to your action. Envision whatever you want, make Dua for whatever you want. as big or as little as you want. As possible or as impossible as you want. But make sure that your Dua has an absolute action plan behind it. We are more busy and concentrated on our Dua part throughout our lives than our action part.

Just like every Dua is not answered, every action is not the best action sometimes.
If one Dua is not accepted, does that mean you would never make another Dua ? Of course not.

So by the same token, if one action plan did not give you result, does it mean that you will not take another action towards the same goal ? Of course not again.

The moment our action plan fails, we hide behind our Dua excuse. We immediately come up with the excuse that “Allah does not want this to happen.” Why would Allah SWT create hurdle in your ways. He loves you more than 70 mothers’ love combined. Would your mother ever come in between your goals and its accomplishments ? No she would not. And Allah would not either. Instead of reworking our action plan, which is tougher and more difficult thing to do, we resign and say that our Duas are not working. We always take the easy way out. Without fail.

So next time you ask your creator through a Dua, for him to do something for you, make sure that your action plan is ready and that you have already started working on it.

Author: Mir Mohammad AliKhan


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