You Are Wearing Your Motivation…..

Life Story - Motivation - You Are Wearing Your Motivation…..

As i sat down on the plane this morning, this person from a row behind, gets up, introduces himself and comes and sits next to me. He says to me that i read you articles all the time but i wanted to ask you a question, if i ever met you in person. Of course, he had my attention. This was going to be interesting, i thought. And he says with a very serious look on his face…

Mir saheb, let’s say if i do not want to read any books on Positivity, Do not want to attend any seminar of self-betterment, I have no sincere friends that i could take any advice from, I dont want to even watch a DVD of any motivational speaker, and let’s say that i want to be an ENTREPRENEUR and i want motivation… But i want that motivation to come from a VISUAL AFFIRMATION and only from within… What do i do?

And with a very meaningful smile. He waited for my answer. With full attention. Well i found that to be a very interesting question. So i looked at his shoes and asked him… Pakistani hain? And he replied yes. I said, here we go, that’s your motivation right there to be an entrepreneur. He looked at me as if i had lost my mind. And justifiably so. So i wanted to make it even more interesting. I look at his shirt and asked the same question. And he said..Nahin..Yeh Dubai se Khareedi thi. Well my answer was… That’s even a better motivation than your shoes. And this time, i was sure that he was sure i had lost my mind. Lol. So i said. well… imagine somebody in Pakistan collected some hide… That was a businessman. He sold it to a Tannery… That tannery owner was a businessman. The tannery owner sold the processed leather to a shoe factory… the shoe Factory owner was a businessman…He made the shoes and the transporter, who was also a businessman distributed them to a shop owner who was also a businessman… and the person who bought this pair of shoes from a chain of 5 businessmen… YOU, the only non business person, are still sitting here and wondering if entrepreneurship is possible in Pakistan ?

And the same chain, or more was involved in your shirt from a farmer growing the cotton to the yarn factory owner to the tailor to the exporter to the shop owner in Dubai.. YOU, Again, The BUYER, still wondering if people buy a product of yours overseas. Did the shirt exporter know that one day you will be sitting here on a flight to Islamabad wearing MOTIVATION OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP and asking somebody else, if motivation can be obtained in SOLITAIRE? Look at every little product around you… from a tooth paste to a grain of rice that you buy… if you bought it… than it came through entrepreneurship. If they can do it, so can you. Imagine the stories they must have as businessmen of hardship, struggles, triumphs and tribulations…. but at the end, they believed in themselves and you buying their product is a testimony of their PERSEVERANCE….

We are surrounded by motivation from morning till night. Every human being is a motivational story if you are looking for positivity. And every human is a sad story if you are looking for negativity. You will get what you are looking for. You will become what you think you will. You are right if think you can and you are right if you think you can not. So decide and search for positivity in everything. Allah has filled this KAAE-NAAT with signs of OPTIMISM, POSITIVENESS, HIS LOVE FOR YOU, RESILIENCE, and TENACITY….. Search for what you want… and YOU WILL get it. Positivity or Negativity… You will get both in abundance. Seek and you shall receive…


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