Will The Sheikhs And Ayatollahs Fight In The Land Of The Pure While The Confucius Lovers Watch?

Life Story - Politics - Will The Sheikhs And Ayatollahs Fight In The Land Of The Pure While The Confucius Lovers Watch?

Money and aspirations of world dominance can start any war, anywhere in the world. From the times beginning till now, but we have pages filled with black ink containing all historical excuses telling us otherwise. We have been brainwashed into thinking that wars are fought on ideological necessities. May it be The Mughals who wanted to conquer Asia to expand their personal control over the entire region to Alexander The (Not) So Great, who wanted to dominate the world at such an early age, it was the aspiration of world dominance & rule that mattered. And with those aspirations of dominance came money as an added bonus. You conquered, you ruled, you made money.

Modern times brought another aspect to the war. It made it into an investment. You make an investment in weaponry, Army, technology, and then invade a country and do your best to recover your investment by selling the minerals and commodities that you now control within the recently conquered piece of land. Examples, Iraq, Libya with oil and Afghanistan with opium. Other examples throughout the history, you can think of on your own.

If money in recent times is the end goal of dominance, then why go to war ?

Why not just covertly camouflage your intentions through an act of giving money to any country in need and create dominance through influence over it directly ?  Well, it is happening all around us, we just refuse to unlearn the fact that wars are fought on ideologies. No, they no longer are. Wars are now fought because one wants to make money. And if you want to make money then why fight a war and look bad to the world ?

Well, the answer is simple. The world will soon have a new category of war, an Economic War. A type of war invented and mastered by the Americans decades ago that the rest of the world is slowly waking up to. Very slowly. A war that does not need dead bodies thus creating an opposition by the conscience awakened individuals and groups. Just make a region economically dependent on you and the rulers of that region or country will be the implementers of your wishes on your behalf.

Now let us come to the title of this article since I have already tried to establish the premise of my argument.

A debate was recently created within the circles of this region that Saudi Arabia investing in Pakistan and Iran being our neighbor while both of them disliking each other is going to create havoc in Pakistan. To add to the argument, some also say that Iran has a close relationship with India while we are at loggerheads with India since 72 years gives India an edge over us. The argument extends further to the point that India and China are fighting over Tibet yet China loves Pakistan, so what will become of this porridge like situation.

Well the answer is simple. Let us decipher it slowly.

China has a huge ongoing trade with India. The two largest economies in the Emerging Countries’ status. China has made a $600 billion dollar agreement with Iran 2 years ago when it comes to increasing trade cooperation through One Belt One Road OBOR initiative. Saudi had and has billions of investments in India and hundreds of billions of dollars in trade as well. China has made the most serious financial commitment to Pakistan through CPEC.

Now keep in mind my premise that money makes the world go round and then notice the deciphering of this situation.

Investments, specially the large ones are always made by having months of homework done and assurances given. Backdoor contacts triggered and negotiations completed. You may think that the two countries are fighting publicly, but it never is the case when it comes to what goes on in the background, away from the public eyes, specially when it comes to the financial matters.

May it be The Sheikhs of Saudi or The Ayatollahs of Iran or the Confucius loving Chinese or the Mythology worshipping Indians.

Saudis would have never agreed to invest a penny in Pakistan or make a public commitment that they would have to go back on in the future and be humiliated in front of the world. Pakistan must have contacted “some” parties involved like Iran and China and Saudi must have contacted the other part, India, to make sure that all are aware of the fact that everybody’s interests lie in having a long term investment benefits to run their own nations, which cannot be run without money.

And the recent Pulwama attack is the rebellion that “Deep State” actors in India have shown their anger through. Not every part of the government has to agree and be on the same page when it comes to such backdoor negotiations and agreements. Especially the deep state within any state. And this is how the register their disagreements, by creating rifts that the Governments in charge have to face the consequences of. This happens everywhere in the world, so do not jump in anguish by creating parallels to your own country, which many would like to do. Indian deep state in my view has retaliated and the person in charge, Modi, is left to face the consequences publicly. Indian deep state’s dissatisfaction with regional investment diplomacy has been registered. And Irani soldiers getting killed within Iran by is also a sign of the same. Perhaps the Irani deep state or the Indian ones.

The simplest point is that the ones who stand to benefit the most financially, Pakistan, out of all of this investment based dominance aspirations, will never sabotage their own interests. And the biggest beneficiary out of this entire ordeal is Pakistan.

So relax and enjoy the fact that we have also learned the act of economic warfare by the American. Not a bullet fired, not a bomb dropped, not a single dead body and yet money is made in abundance and the world does not dig up graves to bury their dead.

No Sheikh or The Ayatollah is going to fight their proxies in Pakistan and no Confucius lover is going to be a spectator. Enjoy a new paradigm shift. A paradigm shift that forces us to fight with our minds and economical strategies rather than tanks and planes.

Author: Mir Mohammad AliKhan



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