Why PIC Incident Took Place ?

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Why PIC Incident Took Place ?

By Mir Mohammad Alikhan #MirMak #PIC #PunjabInstituteOfCardiology

No need to wonder. No need to bang your head against the wall as to how any human being in his right mind can take the oxygen mask off the face of a patient.

The moment you question as to “how” then so many more “hows” come to mind.

How can anyone burn 250 people alive in Baldia Town factory ? How can anyone kill pregnant women in Model Town ? How can anyone murder the parents in front of their children in Sahiwal ? How can a child, like Zainab be raped and killed ? How can 70,000 people be murdered throughout 18 years of terrorism ?

How ? How ? and again How ?

Instead of asking how, ask why. Why do things like these keep happening in Pakistan ? They happen because there is no repercussion. They happen because there is no punishment. They happen because our judicial system is tilted towards the powerful or the rich. They happen because our police is corrupt and taints the case with adding inadmissible evidence into the FIR which does not have a leg to stand on in the courts. They happen because the oppressors are more valuable to the politicians then the oppressed because the oppressors control the mobs and the mobs are the voters that benefit the powerful.

I know that many including myself, since last night, have absolutely been dejected because of what happened at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology.

A better word, better than dejected would be in “shock”. But in my opinion, seeing this oppression is lesser of a tragedy compared to not raising your voice against this tragedy. Silence against such incidents is a crime, a crime bigger in proportions than any other crime.

At times like these, anger becomes a gift of Allah. Anger towards oppression. Anger towards injustice. Anger towards exploitation. Anger towards a system that majority detests. Use this anger in a constructive manner. Do not give up. Do not become shocked or dejected and lead yourself towards becoming silent. Silence would be a bigger crime than what happened at The PIC.

This system HAS to change. This mayhem HAS to end. This chaos HAS to come to an end. We do not need a collective revolution. We need an individual revolution, a revolution of absolute condemnation. A revolution of disgust towards the system. A revolution of the strongest kind, as strong as any individual can bring a revolution in his personal capacity.

Just remember, our lives begin to end when we stop raising our voices against tyranny and oppression.

Pakistan will rise. Pakistan will prosper. Pakistan will become better. You and I will make it rise. You and I will and again I say, YOU AND I WILL.


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