Who Attacked Pulwama ? The Answer Is In These Questions

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Less bullets flew around in World War II than the allegations flying around after the Pulwama attack. Media, specially the social side of it, on one hand has given the power to the people to air their opinions and on the other hand it has let a thousand canons loose in all directions.

Patriotism on one side, the hyper nationalist BJP and its Hinduvta Brigade, with only one agenda on mind, to malign Pakistan at all costs and to link any Muslim or any Kasmhiri to any act of terrorism happening in India, may it later on be proven to have been conducted by their own people, like The Samjhota Express debacle, has become a common occurrence in the Modi administration.

India will never allow any independent investigation of any incident within its borders by the international observers and investigators. It never has. It never will. So the lack of such investigation, forces individuals around the world to not only have serious doubts about the allegations in some cases but it also makes them disbelieve the allegations behind attacks like Pulwama in most cases. Since the same Social Media is used to propagate hatred and irrationality in the absence of a rational investigation, let me use the same Social Media with sanity and rationality to expose the Indian propaganda. If the questions below can be answered by you, the readers, because they will never be answered by the Indians, you will know who is behind the attacks in Pulwama. I leave it up to the readers. You draw your own conclusion based on your own answers to my questions.

Question One:

How in the world within 10 minutes of the explosion, it was announced that 350 kilograms of explosive was used ?

How in the world can the Indian government know the exact weight or even an estimate of the weight of the explosives within 10 minutes and announce it to the world. There is no mechanism in this world, even in countries where bombs exploded on a regular basis like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to know the exact weight of the bombs within ten minutes. It takes weeks of investigations, gathering of the pieces of metals. Evaluating the impact and force of the explosive. It is a science of physics that determines the velocity of the parts flying around, torque, force, impact etc. to even come close to the weightage and that takes days upon days, not minutes. The only party that can know, within minutes or in advance, how much explosive was used is the party that used it.

Question Two:

How did 58 Ambulances arrive at the scene within 5 minutes of the explosion while there are checkpoints and barricades on that road which take at least 45 minutes on the two way traffic to reach the exact point of the explosion ?

There are checkpoints on that road of explosion at every few miles approximately and it is a two way traffic on the road. Meaning more congestion and slow down of speed. And we all know that when an explosion takes place there is absolute chaos in the area and that chaos translates into traffic mayhem as well. How could 58 Ambulances reach the spot within the first 5 minutes to 14 minutes from all different directions onto the spot. Is there an Ambulance depot nearby ? No. Is there a hospital nearby with such a huge collection of Ambulances ? No. Are there too many hospitals within one square kilometer from the site of the explosion ? No.

Question Three:

The video of the suicide bomber shows the kind of weapons that are impossible to be brought into the Kashmir valley with 700,000 army personnel. So where did the weapons come from ?

Any person with any ground knowledge of the Kashmir valley knows that the youth fighting the Indian forces fight them with sticks and stones. Never have we seen a gun battle drawing out in the streets. Never have we seen even pistol carrying youngsters shooting at the Indian forces. Nothing but stones have we seen.

Then where in the world the video that shows the person who allegedly blew up the bus has such advanced weaponry from ? An M16 with a telescope. An LMG with a night vision paraphernalia. Range finders attached to the guns. How can these be brought into the valley with so many checkpoints and 700,000 army personnel spread out to every inch of occupied Kashmir.

Question Four:

Where are the body parts of the alleged suicide bomber ?

We always have seen the body parts of the bomber are collected. Head used for face recognition and hands used for finger print analysis. Where were the parts of this bomber in question ?

These are just a few questions that come to mind immediately. I am not a forensic expert but having seen terroristic chaos in my own beloved country, Pakistan, for 17 years, every common citizen has become knowledgeable about such incidents. We know the procedures that determine the route of an investigation. Especially in the forensic sciences area.

Enough of this craziness of blaming Pakistan for everything. We have had enough of our own sorrows. 70,000 lives we have lost of civilians alone. 7,200 of Army personnel gone. The highest Office to Soldier casualty rate in the world of any country fighting a war against terror.

Unless Modi’s war mongering subsides, he is sure to put this entire region under one chaotic situation. And his sidekick Ajit Doval, does not help the cause much either. Enough of these allegations, come up with solid proofs or shut up forever, Period.

Author: Mir Mohammad AliKhan


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