TOLERANCE Is To Mental Growth What Water Is To A Fish .

Life Story - Motivation - TOLERANCE Is To Mental Growth What Water Is To A Fish .

The day you realise that we are more similar than we are different, you will begin the inner process of respecting others. And the moment your process of respecting others begins, you will realise that every person you meet in your life is fighting his own battle, every person you come across has difficulties dealing with life and you have no idea how difficult it may be for them. Be kind to them. Be nice to them. Be pleasant to them. Disagree with them but with respect. Oppose their views but with a will to learn if you find them to be right during your process of opposition.

When you respect someone, respect them with all their faults and not just their strengths. Looking only for strengths in others to find a reason to respect them will make you an intolerant person because there is not a single person in this world who only has strengths. What usually happens is that when we make friends we usually come across their strengths first and then their weaknesses and by the time we come across their weaknesses we have already begun the process of liking them, thus we put up with them more than liking them. Try the reverse once. Trying liking someone with all their faults intact first. Let the strengths come later. And if you can like someone with seeing their faults first and strengths later, you have arrived at a point in life called TOLERANCE which will grow into friendships.

Being tolerant is a sign of strength and not a sign of weakness. Proving someone wrong is a sign of weakness. Admitting you are wrong is a sign of strength. Arguing to put someone down is a sign of weakness. Debating to learn and be proven wrong and accepting it is a sign of strength. Looking at others with a different point of view as an enemy is a sign of weakness. Learning even from your enemy and correcting yourself is a sign of strength. Forgiving the ones who tend to speak before they think is a sign of strength. Ridiculing someone who has not thought properly before speaking is a sign of weakness. And during this entire process of tolerance, never think that accepting disrespect is a sign of tolerance.

In Pakistan we need tolerance more than we need education because there are many educated intolerant people. Be that person who succeeds in becoming a tolerant person first before others do. Compete for enlightenment. Rush to become a positive person. Hurry up to acquire understanding for others problems. You want to be in a rush to succeed, be in a rush to succeed in having great amount of good mannerisms before others do.

Tolerance will make you a better businessman. A better father. A better son. A better friend. A better brother. A better human being. A better religious person. A better soul and a better citizen. Do not ever become intolerant while supporting a cause which is demanding tolerance. Like a political cause. Or a cause for betterment. We become intolerant to others while we are pursuing a tolerant goal such as a better pakistan. The moment we see opposition of our idea of betterment we attack others, thinking that others are ignorant and we are intelligent. But who in actuality is ignorant ? The one who thinks that others are wrong or the one who thinks that maybe I have been wrong all along and need to improve.

If you can answer this question, your divine journey of becoming a tolerant person has just begun. BON VOYAGE.

Author: Mir Mohammad AliKhan


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