The End….. If Your Life Ended Right Now…

Life Story - Motivation - The End….. If Your Life Ended Right Now…

If your life ended right now….how would you like your story to be remembered ? How many of us procrastinate, make excuses about hardships, About not having enough opportunities, our hand that life has dealt us but never do we take a moment to think, despite of the hardships, unjust circumstances, and million other excuses, we at least have a Chance at trying. If you had to look back at your life on earth from the heavens, what would you say to yourself? What would be the thing you would regret? Take a moment to think. Close your eyes and Visualize. Look at in detail about the major decisions of life that you did not take while you were here on earth. Chances are, The fear that you faced, would not matter, the injustice you were forced to combat would not be your regret, how the world treated you would be of no consequence to you….the only thing that would matter would be that Why did not i try harder ? Why did not i take all the chances, even if i had failed, at least i would be able to say that i tried.

Taking a chance is very scary. For anybody. That chance can lead you to failures, embarrassments, financial problems, feeling of low self-worth….but… you know what is more scary… The feeling you might feel at the end of your life when you look back..that you did not try hard enough. You would never have a regret after trying. But you can have a million for not trying. Trying will at least leave you with experience. And then it would be up to you to take that experience as a bitter one or a stepping stone towards the next try. Because experience is NOT what happens to a man, experience is what a man does with what happens to him.

You trying will give you a closure if you failed the first time and success if you tried over and over again. Just because you did something and it ended does not mean that it was the end of your life. I am a living example of this. No matter how difficult it was for me to rise on Wall street, nobody is interested in it, and i dont mind that. The world is interested in how the bank closed down. The world does not care if i were the FIRST MUSLIM in the history of the world to reach the heights of the financial world of Wall Street. People are interested in what New York Times wrote. They are not interested in how 15 years have passed and not a word of what NYT wrote came true and never did a court even took the case to trial. Nobody cares that how low my life went after this. What dungeons of depressions i went into. How it took me to pull myself back day by day, piece by piece. But does it mean i regret anything. NO. NO and NO again. Never before the article did i care nor 15 years after it do i care. Because i know that when you can not kill a man’s accomplishments you will try to kill his reputation. Should i have crawled into a corner and accepted defeat ? No. WHY ? because i would not want to look down from the heavens onto my earthly life and say… They were able to break me. I do not want to have that regret no matter how painful it is for me to keep facing this UNJUST and non-understandable world. It matters not. What matters is what the reality is and who i am.

Every event of every human being’s life makes you who you are in the end. Events are like scenes of a movie. Next time you watch a movie, notice the fact that the most exciting fact is…Scenes Keep Changing. If all the scenes were the same… even a Fictional movie will be boring. You want to find motivation, inspiration…. be that Inspiration to yourself. Instead of looking to get Temporary motivation from other people’s life events… live a life that it keeps Inspiring you everyday….

Author: Mir Mohammad AliKhan



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