Why Your Dreams Die And Your Goals Are Left Unfulfilled ?

Life Story - Motivation - Why Your Dreams Die And Your Goals Are Left Unfulfilled ?

Life seems stagnant at times. Nothing moving in any direction. Nothing working out. Yet all your plans and aspirations still alive within you but going in no direction. You start to blame the circumstances, your bad luck and your modest background and finally the ills of the country. Then you see somebody else who is successful, and you immediately start to make up your mind that he must have done it the wrong war. You think this because it makes your failure look better in your own eyes. It gives you consolation.

The next step you continue to develop a habit where every successful person you see, you begin to point out faults in him. If you cant attack his accomplishments, you attack his reputation. While doing all this your own aspirations are slowly dying inside of you. Time is passing, you are getting older, other people your age are going head of you, yet your plans are not working out. Your desires are slowly but surely moving towards their natural death. It could happen at the age of 20 or 50. That is not the point. The point is the time when your desire comes to life and you do nothing about nurturing it, it will die and it will die because desires can not be kept in a sate of stagnancy.

If a doctor gave you one year to live, what would you try to accomplish ?

This questions relates to what all i wrote above. It relates to a soft sense of urgency. Soft because it is 365 days away, your end. But that is not the reality, is it ? Because you do not even know if you will live to see tomorrow. All you have is now. This moment is the moment that you decide and take action. Create a sense of urgency in you.

Without the sense of urgency, remember that all your desires will die.

How many people you must have met in your life who will tell you that they wanted to do something in their lives but they were not able to. They would give you excuses of the circumstances, or money, or parental restrictions, or family problems or something else but never will they say that they messed up by being relaxed and by not creating a sense of urgency. Sense of urgency is nothing but a disciplined feeling. Its a state of mind that you control. In creating the sense of urgency towards your goals, start doing what is necessary, then do what is possible. This will get you into the action mode and this action mode will give you the confidence and that confidence will make you do the impossible. And doing the impossible, to others, is your success.

In order for you to do the above you will have to break out of your comfort zone. that you have created for yourself. No change can ever take place remaining within the comfort zone.

Comfort zone is a 4 walled barrier that you build around yourself to protect you from the outside world.

So they can not see you how cowardly of a life you are living and still calling it a life. If you came out of your comfort zone, If you left your current life in order to pursue your dreams, what would you lose ? Well the first thing you will lose is your comfort zone. Your Jail. You will be released from that jail and now you will be free to do whatever you want. The only thing you will lose is misery and stagnation. You have everything to gain in life by stepping out of your comfort zone. Because within the comfort zone are excuses, self pity, victim mentality, oppressed thought process, lack of confidence, Negativity, will to blame others etc etc etc. So the moment you walk out of your comfort zone, you have already started your journey of success.

Some sense of urgency is measured in years, some in months and some in days. If you had 24 hours to live, who would you be with for the next 23 hours ? This sense of urgency is filled with regret. Regret of not being able to spend time when you had it, but you did not. Immediately family and then friends come to mind. Mostly family comes to mind. Why waited this long to have this regret. This was the easiest thing you could have done everyday of your life. Spend time with your loved ones. They would have given you courage, support and perhaps motivate you to go ahead with your plans. And even if you had failed, they would be there to comfort you and ask you to try again. Because there is no such thing in life as regret.

Let me change your perspective today.

Some event of your past went terribly bad, then it becomes a lesson wrapped in an experience. If something in the past went great, then it becomes a great feeling wrapped in an experience. Good or bad, past is an experience and experiences are there to learn from and become stronger and happier from.

What would you regret not doing in ,life ? The answer is: everything you wanted to. I do a mental exercise, i put myself in a rocking chair in the middle of a serene porch out in the woods, imagine myself to be 90 years old and close my eyes. Believe that i am 90 years of age, full of wrinkles, little or no strength to do anything. I sit there quietly for a while and start from that age of 90 years and start to think back about my life. At which age i wanted to do what and why i did not do it. I take myself back all the way to 20 years of age. I travel 70 years through mind and memories. Visiting each and every stage of my life and the desires and aspirations of that age and i continue to ask questions as to what stopped me from accomplishing my goal at that age. Every time i come up with an answer that makes me regret that i did not take action. Finally when i stop this visualization exercise, and come back to my current age, i write down everything that was making me regret. I prioritize those tasks and get to it immediately. Every year or two i do this exercise because i do not want to sit on that rocking chair at any old age and feel regretful.

I want to smile. And the things that can make me smile at this moment are the things i really care about. So smile with abundance. Smile at everything. Smile looking at somebody smiling because smile relaxes your facial muscles and sends a certain chemical shooting in your brain that soothes down your worries. It relaxes you. So smile all the time. It may feel weird in the beginning but smiling faces attract goodness around you. It makes others feel better. You do not need a reason to smile. Have a permanent smile on your face because you are a good person and good people thank Allah by smiling all the time.

Life is what you make of it. There is no perfect timing to start anything. The timing is now or never. You do not know that you could even live till tomorrow and you are making plans based on a question of mine that gives you 1 year to live. Your urgency should be 365 times more because you could be gone the next moment. Leaving all your aspirations behind.

The biggest tragedy in life is wasted talent. Nothing else.

Allah gave a gift to you and you never used it. How angry must you make him because if you gave a present to someone and went to their house few years later and that present was still lying on the floor still wrapped and unopened. And you had left million dollars worth of diamonds in it and that is exactly what he needed, million dollars. But he never bothered to open it all this while but kept complaining that nobody helps him solve his problems.



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