Patriotism In Pakistan Is Loving The Leader And Not The Country….

Life Story - Politics - Patriotism In Pakistan Is Loving The Leader And Not The Country….

Its about 4 am in the morning and the insomniac i am for the past few decades reading and thinking, The only thing that bothers me in Pakistan is the political loyalties of people to their parties. Its a great thing to love your political party, its equally great to support your party candidate but it is under no circumstances even decent to confuse your patriotism for the country with your support for your party. Pakistan is running upside down when it comes to political loyalties and patriotism. The horse is behind the cart instead of the front. You say a thing about a leader and their supporters come attacking you like you have stripped their leader of his dignity. But when it comes to their country they will hear the worst about it from the world, agree to them, bad mouth it along with the locals and the foreigners alike, sit at the bars in London, New York, Paris and Dubai and casually point out the ills of Pakistan in front of their foreign friends just so they can fit in. But when they return to Pakistan they will fight with their own countrymen like cats and dogs if someone said a thing about their political leader.

Zardari, Nawaz, IK, Altaf, Achakzai, Mengal, Shahbaz, Murad, Khattak or anyone else, they will all be 6 feet under 5 decades from today but 50 decades from today, Pakistan will be around. 500 decades from today Insha Allah Pakistan will be around. Patriotism to the country matters more than loyalty to your party leader.

Patriotism is not an outburst of emotions temporarily. Patriotism is not thinking that only your party leader has all the solutions for the ills of the country. Patriotism is a conviction that your country is better than all others because ITS YOUR COUNTRY. Patriotism is a feeling of loyalty, an allegiance that never dies regardless of how many problems your country has. Patriotism is thinking and believing positively about the future of your country.

Patriotism is continuously supporting your country till your last breath and its leaders only IF they are doing the right thing. Not the other way around.

Author: Mir Mohammad AliKhan



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