Pakistan Is About To Collapse…

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When I left Pakistan in my teenage years, Zia-ul-Haq was in power and I remember some elders discussing amongst themselves that Pakistan is about to collapse.

Then I moved to America and while in my university at Rutgers, I became President of The Pakistani Association in my junior year for one term, and so many Pakistani-American students would talk about how Pakistan has no future and I am wasting my time promoting Pakistan.

Then came Wall Street and on Wall Street, many confused Pakistan with Palestine when I told them where I was from and the few who knew about Pakistan, gave me 1 billion 699 million reasons based on their Sovereign debt calculations, economic forecasts, currency fluctuations, political instability and many other reasons telling me that Pakistan will collapse.

Then when my children were born in America, I wanted them to be proud of their heritage and when I went to put them in school, their teacher told me that how her husband dealt with Pakistani diplomats through the State Department and how it predicts that Pakistan will not be there in a few decades.

Then when I came to serve my country in 1999 as an Advisor, then it was everywhere in the news around the world that since there is a Martial Law Governing the country, and since without Democracy, Pakistan will be rejected by IMF, by United States, by Europe, and by all lending agencies and we would DEFINITELY collapse this time…..

Well, since I was in my early teenage years till now, three decades later. Let me tell you who has collapsed.

The second biggest power in the world, the Soviet Union, collapsed.
Argentinian economy collapsed.
Greece collapsed.
Portugal collapsed.
EU is at the brink of a collapse.
America with a $19 trillion dollar debt is worse than collapsed.
Iraq with billions of oil revenues collapsed.
Libya with trillions in oil reserves collapsed.
Venezuelan government toppled and the old system collapsed.
Syria collapsed.
The currency Euro is about to collapse.
The most loved commodity, Oil, since 1986 collapsed 3 times.
Zimbabwe collapsed economically.
Congo collapsed even with its diamond reserves.
Liberia collapsed because of its leaders.
Yemen collapsed because of its internal rift.

Israel, the favourite of America has fallen off its favourite list, indicating an imminent collapse….
So all the idiots who are waiting for Pakistan to collapse since the past 30 years, wait till the doomsday.

We are not going to collapse. We had economic hardships, terrorism, external intervention, enemy neighbours, and international opposition..yet we have grown. We beat terrorism, we are growing economically. Our GDP has grown in the past 30 years, our per capita income has grown, our standard of living compared to the past 30 years has grown, we are a nuclear state, we now have CPEC, we have talent and we have resilience and we have tenacity. And most of all, we have Allah on our side.

So to all those who have tirelessly waited for 30 some odd years, let me give you a piece of advice, may you be within or outside Pakistan, you will come, you will go, your children and grandchildren will come and they will go… but Pakistan is here to stay. Pakistan is here to grow. Pakistan is here to become better.


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