Pakistan Does Not Have Jobs. Really ?

Life Story - Bussiness - Pakistan Does Not Have Jobs. Really ?

For the past 2 months we at are trying to fill in about 12 positions in the field of technology, digital marketing, business development, and programming. The quality of resumes and the quality of candidates that we are receiving is a sorry state of affairs. My heart bleeds partly for what these educational institutions have done to these children and the other part bleeds for the lack of common sense in the candidates.

These young men and women are the backbone of Pakistan but this backbone seems to be deteriorating at a rapid rate.

Either they lack interviewing skills, or too eager for a salary negotiation in the first interview, or lack knowledge of the field but argue with you that they got an “A” in the course so they know more than others.

On the experienced side, candidates who have worked earlier and have 1 or 2 year experience are ONLY leaving their previous jobs for a small salary raise. There is no quest to learn, or to chase an upwardly mobile position. The only reason for leaving their previous job is to get a raise of Rs 30 to Rs 40k a month is salary.

Some of them do not even know the etiquettes of an interview. They show up 15 minutes late with a smiling face and an excuse that ” Sir Traffic Mein Phans Gaya Tha” (Of course i send them back) or show up for the interview in jeans and a T-shirt or their resumes have more spelling mistakes than a politician makes when in power. They inquire nothing about the job or the amount of learning they will have, or not, but the first question is how many hours i need to work or the comment is, i cant work after 6 pm, even once a week.

For the first time i am seriously beginning to understand the gap between the academia and the industry. Universities are churning candidates with degrees and feeling that their responsibility is over. And candidates are showing up with their Mark Sheets thinking that their grades and not their knowledge and common sense will get them a job.

Something needs to be done. And done now. There are jobs in Pakistan. But there may not be suitable candidates for those jobs.

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