Pain taught me to be successful.. Not Pleasure.

Life Story - Motivation - Pain taught me to be successful.. Not Pleasure.

Long time ago in 1999 when certain events were taking taking place in my life, a very old and wise friend of mine, Victor sat me down, an 80 year old man at that time and told me that “The pain you are feeling today will be your strength tomorrow”. I almost laughed inside and brushed off what Victor was saying. My ignorance was overcoming my logic because of the pain i was feeling inside. Life took certain turns and it took me years and self searching and pondering to realize that LEARNING is a gift SPECIALLY when pain is the teacher. I sunk myself into reading about the people who had learned from their negative experiences of life. I wanted to know how they coped with certain tragic events. How they survived the inner turmoil. How did they come out as winners. What did they learn. The more i read the more i realized that this world has produced LEADERS only from Struggle and pain. No person from Heavenly sent Prophets to common worldly leaders ever had a pleasant life. What i learned was that their perspective of looking at their pain was different. Thus it reduced their pain and increased their learning. What i learned was that the only thing you need to protect when you are facing a devastating situation was to PROTECT YOUR MIND. Protect that one thing “MIND” that will help you learn from the experience instead of loathing. Nelson Mandela spent 26 years of his life locked up in a cell for other people’s freedom. Abraham Lincoln faced one of the most severe of depressions throughout his life yet forged ahead. Van Gogh, another victim of the miserable disease of depression gave this world some master pieces for us to cherish.

Throughout your painful experiences, whatever they might be and however BIG they may seem to you at the time of happening, remember that it will pass and it will give you strength. YES, it WILL HURT while its happening. YES it will require you to manage your emotional pain and remain positive. YES You will have to display the biggest show of will power. YES you will have to make sacrifices….YES YES YES to many more difficult things you WILL have to do BUT i promise you all, the young and the brilliant kids, that in the end if you dont give into the temptation of giving up, you will see yourself emerge as a BUTTERFLY out of the MOTH. You will not even know what you are learning at the time when it is happening but once the bad situation passes, you will realize that your inner self has become strong and resilient and resolved. Remember that you will have to go through the WORST to achieve the BEST. Pain is that one part of life which molds you like the fire molds the IRON. Its up to you how you get molded. Into a stronger bar of of iron useful for a structure to be built in your life in the future or a crumbled up piece of iron that could not withstand the heat and turned into scrap.

Looking your pain into its eyes requires courage and absence of fear. Fear will debilitate you. Paralyze you and take away your ability to think. Facing your fear to learn from your pain will make you stronger, wiser and better as a human being. And dont confuse everyday struggles of life with EMOTIONAL PAIN. Everyday struggles are NOT what i am talking about. Everyday struggles are just part of everyday life. We all have to go through them, if we like it or not. I am talking about those instances of life when things come crumbling down upon you and you feel that your life is about to end. It feels like there is no hope. It feels like its better to DIE than to o on. When it feels like there is not a friend in sight who will stand by you. When the world abandons you. THAT IS THE MOMENT TO RISE. Rise within yourself because you do not need the world to stand by you. You do not need a friend to understand you. You do not need to feel that you are alone BECAUSE the one who created you is with you. The one who gave you life is your best friend. The one who is teaching you through this pain, ALLAH SWT, knows what he is doing for you. Leave it up to him. Just ride the wave. He only gives you pain enough for you to withstand. Remember one thing, the biggest gift ALLAH SWT has given a human being is MIND. And its ability to stretch itself like elastic and adjust to situations. Your mind is capable of ADJUSTING to ANY situation the only problem is that we become the hindrance through its adjustment period.

Pleasure never and i say NEVER teaches you anything in life. Pleasure is EUPHORIC. Pleasure gives you overconfidence. Pleasure tells you that everything you have done is your own GREAT doing. It takes away humility and humbleness. It makes people arrogant. Pleasure of money. Pleasure of success. Pleasure of Fame. Pleasure of power…it could be any type of pleasure..Physical or emotional. It releases certain chemical in your brain that increases our serotonin level, and an increase in your serotonin level takes away from your ability to judge because of the EUPHORIA it creates in abundance. Increase in serotonin at normal levels is good for the brain but in excessive amount is bad. And extreme and prolonged state of PLEASURE will give you certain chemicals in abundance. Which is bad.

At the end, all i would like to say to the young and energetic youth of Pakistan is that, Get ready to be face pain with your head held up high for there is no learning without it and without learning there is no progress and without progress you will be stagnant and ignorant. Let me end by quoting Abraham Lincoln what he wrote in the peak of one of his Depressive States. ” Do Not Panic When In Pain….Every Successful Person Has A Painful Story. accept The Pain And Get Ready For Success.”




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