Motivation at time’s needs, Motivation…

Life Story - Motivation - Motivation at time’s needs, Motivation…

You get up in the morning. Get all dressed up. Step out of your house. Get into your car. Put the keys in the ignition. Turn the keys. Engine starts. All that power of combustion ready to take you where you want to go BUT there is just one problem, You dont know where to go. You sit in the car for a while still excited but then you give up, get out of the car and walk back into the house. You repeat this same behavior a few times over the period of a few years and finally you come to the conclusion that the car is not worth it. That car was the motivation in actuality. But the problem here with most people is that instead of looking at their own behaviour of indecisiveness, they begin to blame the external factors. And motivation is an external factor as well which causes an internal reaction. That internal reaction is only good for you if you know how to channelize it.

Your ability to do something will only decide what you are capable of doing. Your motivation level will decide what you do and your attitude will decide how well you do it. So understand one basic fact about motivation, which is, that motivation is only a link in the chain and not the chain itself. It is a step which requires few other disciplined steps post motivation. Motivation is just a deciding factor, if anything. And every accomplishment begins with A decision to try doing it. Starting something is the most difficult of tasks sometimes. That is why motivation is so important that it pushes you to start doing something. You do not have to be great to start to do something, but you have to start to be great. Remember that.

Long time ago i read that motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes. And years later it has still stayed with me because whoever said this could not have said it better. motivation is like WAZOO for NAMAAZ. If you do the WAZOO but dont read your namaaz, dont blame the wazoo that it made you lazy or it does not work. Nobody will ever change your life. You have to do and take every action to achieve what you want to achieve. Slow may it be but the process must go on. You do not want to be the person who dies thinking, you want to be the person who dies trying. And that is the only thing which is in your control. To try. The rest is all dependent upon the creator. How much you will receive in return for your trying is up to him. And to increase how much you receive, there is another secret, which is thankfulness. To be thankful to him even when you are not receiving yet. To be thankful to him for giving you a chance to try because not everybody in this world gets a chance to take a shot at his/her dreams. There is nobody who will try on your behalf. There is nobody who cares if you succeed or fail. There is nobody who wants to see you go ahead of them. There is nobody who wants to say please you take success before i do. And you do not need anybody either. You do not. You only need YOU. The only person you need to change your life, is you.


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