Keep An Eye On Chaudhry Nisar, To Me He Might Be The “Dark Horse Candidate” In 2018 Elections.

Life Story - Politics - Keep An Eye On Chaudhry Nisar, To Me He Might Be The “Dark Horse Candidate” In 2018 Elections.

I have never met him. We have no close friends in common. But I have been studying him and his every move. Pakistanis at times get irritated that he holds a press conference, creates suspense about breaking some big news or to reveal some PML-N and NS secrets but he doesn’t. We love sensational news as Pakistanis. We would love a lot or even some of the deepest darkest secrets of any political leader to gossip about for a week until the next leaders’ secrets are revealed. Then wait for the next ones’ secrets.

But during this run between suspense being killed with poisonous disappointments of not getting the secrets from Chaudhry Nisar and expectations being kept intact that Chaudhry Saheb will one day declassify his decades old memories, hard kept and well maintained, we forget to ask ourselves as to why is he not taking the easiest way out. And that easiest way is to hold a final press conference, tell Pakistanis what and where and when and how NS damaged Pakistan. If he has according to facts by Nisar that he keeps insinuating with.

Human psychology develops strategies based on experiences. Patience and farsightedness implements those strategies. Prayers and optimism keeps us focused on results in our favour based on those strategies. And politicians are no different than regular human beings. At least the good ones. They do the same when it comes to strategies and hope for positive results.

The reason I feel that Nisar is not letting any cat out of the bag is because he feels that the cat can hurt the lion he wants to emerge as. Him revealing the secrets, and secrets I believe he has because you can not spend 30 years plus with a leader and not know the good the bad and the ugly, will create a bad taste in the mouth of PML-N voters against Nisar. The tables and the guns, both, will turn towards Nisar because Nisar has professed nothing but principles, principles of not changing parties, principles of not compromising principles and implementation of those principles as a school principal implements then onto his obedient students.

I believe he sees himself as a major candidate “Post Elections”. And I believe if he is seeing that than there is a reason for his quiet optimism.

I believe that he will control a lot of independents post election. And without those independents no one will be able to form a government. And I am also sure he is not going to negotiate a post that he already had for years, that is the post of an interior minister. I believe his eyes are set on a much bigger post, let us let our imagination run wild and see which post we can come up with for him.

I have an idea.

Author: Mir Mohammad AliKhan


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