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Israel Is As Much A “Jewish” State As The Vatican Is “Muslim”.

Life Story - Politics - Israel Is As Much A “Jewish” State As The Vatican Is “Muslim”.

If anyone tells you that Israel is for the Jews, he is lying to you. Israel is for the Zionists. And Zionists are as far away from Judaism as ISIS is from Islam.

But the problem is that unlike Muslims who vehemently oppose every terrorist organization like ISIS, the world does not condemn Zionism and there is a reason why.

More on that later…

Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister today on CNN in an interview said that Israel is losing the media narrative despite having deep pockets and connections….

And Bianna Golodryga, a Bessarabian Zionist-Jew from Moldova, the CNN host of the interview, jumped on SMQ accusing him of being an anti-Semite.

Let us dissect both statements:

You are an “anti-Semite”. By definition it means any person who is prejudice towards or discriminates against the Jewish people. Now tell me where in the statement of SMQ he showed any prejudice or discrimination against the Jewish people. He stated the fact and the fact is never an opinion. And a fact is verified. A fact is universally known. A fact is backed by figures or events.

Is it a fact that Israel has influence over the American and the world media ? Yes it is.

The American Jewish lobby is the most powerful lobby in America. It funds the most election campaigns in American politics. The Zionist individual supports through personal donations and the big chunk comes from Political Action Committees PACs where Zionist controlled corporations fund large sums to the election campaigns. And in return the elected officials on The Capitol owe them the favors when in office. Favors such as supporting the cause of Israel without ever questioning its policies against the Palestinian people.

So much so that in 1984, the current President of America, Joe Biden in a foreign affairs committee hearing said:

“We need Israel. We need Israel so much so that if we did not have an Israel in the Middle East, America would have to “invent” an Israel to move our Middle Eastern agenda forward”.

The social media gets most of its revenues from advertisements because it is mostly free to the public. It also gets advertisement dollars from political campaigns. As a policy, majority of the Social Media companies have a silent banning policy. They do not vehemently oppose your opinions against Israel but they restrict your functions as a user at times and ban your account out rightly at other times. They cannot afford to oppose the ones who feed them advertisement dollars. Because the opinions are controlled where the money comes from. Oh..did I say money ?

Let’s talk about the hub of money activity, The Wall Street.

72% of Investment Banks are either controlled or fully owned by the Zionist sympathizers. 94.7% of all large investment bank CEOs or Directors are Zionist. Again let me clarify here the difference between a Jew and a Zionist. A Zionist will have an undying support for the state of Israel and ALL its activities. A Jew will not. So much so that majority of the Jewish Rabbis in America are anti-Israel.

They openly protest against the state of Israel. Just Google “Jews against Israel” and you will be amazed at the findings.

Over $200 trillion of the world debt in circulation out of the approximate $281 trillion is generated from 23% of the banks controlled by Wall Street. Meaning, if you want money to run your business, you need to support us.

Between 1980 and 2000, an average of 310 companies per year were listed on the United States Stock Exchanges, between 2000 till now an average of 98 companies per year were listed on the same exchanges raising trillions of dollars for their operations. So if you start from 1980, you can include every company you know of today in that list. But that is not an interesting fact. What is interesting is that 6 out of 10 of these companies were taken public by the 94.7% of the Zionist investment banks that I mentioned above. An interesting read if you ever find time is by an author named Vincent P. Carosso, A Financial Elite: New York’s German-Jewish Investment Bankers, it would open up your horizons about the actual facts pertaining to the iron hold grip of the Zionists on the world money.

So what is the solution ?

Very few in Pakistan might have dealt with the Zionist regime of Wall Street as much as I have. My mentors were some of the best Jewish minds of the financial universe yet they despised the Zionist mindset of Wall Street. It is a mindset just like what happened on CNN today, the moment you speak up you are labelled anti-Semitic. You look in awe at your accusers. You fight them. You negate them. You prove them wrong with facts and historical figures. And then you are labelled a staunch anti-Semite. You repeat the whole process again and only this time you will graduate in their eyes from an anti-Semite to a terrorist sympathizer. Dare you not repeat the whole exercise again out of the fear of out rightly being labelled: A terrorist.

So the solution is not arguing on CNN with a Zionist sympathizer. The solution is unity amongst the Muslim states which at this time feels like a farfetched dream. A distant mirage. But there is hope on the horizon. The recent Saudi Iran talks give me hope. They bring me a ray of excitement. Maybe a lifelong dream of mine will come true. A dream where we are Muslims first and sects later. A dream where a Muslim leader might one day be able to go on a world renowned TV channel and tell the host:

No, Muslims are not anti-Semite but you Miss Anchorperson are Islamophobic.