Inspiration ?… A Driver With 5 Ph.D’s

Life Story - Motivation - Inspiration ?… A Driver With 5 Ph.D’s

The problem with our Human Minds is that we have been trained to Seek Inspiration from people who have acquired fame, power and wealth. Well, these three things are usually acquired through hard work, faith, positivity and consistency. I said usually, not always. In developing countries, sometimes these things could be acquired through connections, corruption and connivance. So keeping this possibility in your mind, one needs to concentrate on the recipe of success and not the End Result. And the recipe is Hard work, Faith and Positivity among many other factors. Faith the most, in my view because even after hard work and positivity, if you do not see results, you need faith in a higher being. An absolute yaqeen that good will happen. And that faith is tested on a daily basis. That resilience is tested in a society like ours on an hourly basis. So, who is exhibiting these qualities in our society every day, every hour, in every corner of our country… and the ones you can have access to no matter which part of Pakistan you live in?

Well, it is The MOCHI, The PLUMBER, The KHAANSAMA, The DRIVER, The MAZDOOR, The SECURITY GUARD, The CLERK in your office, The 60 year old Book Keeper with the same salary for the past 10 years…. These are the real teachers of resilience because they have not given up. They get up every morning in this great nation, PAKISTAN, and go to work thinking not much will change but having faith that it might. These are the souls who know financial world and financial management better than 60% of the nation, why? Because they know how to budget their expenses. They are more positive than US because they are not complaining, they are thankful that they at least have a job that they can go to. Some of them from the remote areas of our country come to the cities and do not even see their families for years… yet they are happy just listening to their voices on their phones. These are the real heroes. These are your teachers. Their 5 years of life experience is worth 5 Ph.D’s from an IVY LEAGUE School. So, sit with them, talk to them, inquire from them, learn from them. Take interest in their lives. Make Allah happy as well as learning from them. I learn from them… Always have and always will. They are my MOTIVATION IN LIFE, make them yours as well.


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