Gender Gap, the most talked about subject in the West today!

Life Story - Motivation - Gender Gap, the most talked about subject in the West today!

Gender Gap, the most talked about subject in the West today. But the funny thing is that Islam had no gender gap right from the time of its birth. Bibi Khadija was a woman working and contributing to the economy. Creating employment. Managing a business. Running an HR department. Finance department. All the way from Hijaz to Shaam. A Multi National Business empire.

Ramzan should not be about starving ourselves till iftaar. Ramzan should also be a month of reflection. A month where we ponder upon our history and find out where we missed the train. And we missed the train not because we were standing on the station of Islam but rather because we got onto the wrong train from the right station.

Pakistanis talk a lot about the youth. They talk a lot about how youth can transform the economy and the national landscape. But what they forget to tell you is that the youth is not just “Men”. Youth means productive women as well. What is being done for this segment of the society in Pakistan ? Very little. We put men and women in the same container on the ship and send it sailing on the seas of Pakistani future. You cant.

Countries that have progressed have done so because the ENTIRE population is counted as working population. Not more men than women. The world’s largest economy America or the second largest our neighbour China, does not distinguish between men and women workers. Even in their economic surveys. They are considered both a number in the survey. A $300 billion economy can grow 7% if 10% additional workforce is added by narrowing the gender gap.

Women are better managers. Better CEOs. Better HR people. Better guides. Better mentors. Better bankers and better everything under the sun. Just look at your mother. I have grown up looking at my mother and two older sisters. The ones, if were investment bankers, I could swear that they would have been a billion times more successful than I ever was. No economy can grow without women participation. And in this day and age of women being able to work from wherever they want to, there is no restriction anymore except the ones that we have in our minds because of our egos.

More women in politics. More women in business. More women in universities. More women in technology. More women in Research. More women in government. More women in the armed forces. More women in foreign policy. More women Ministers. More women CEO and CFOs and CTOs.

More women in everything means more growth in everything. And for some men it may mean more crushing of their egos as well but egos don’t bring betterment, gender equality does.

Author: Mir Mohammad AliKhan


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