Entrepreneurship Means Loving Problems….Mirmak

Life Story - Motivation - Entrepreneurship Means Loving Problems….Mirmak

Yes. Loving problems enough to solve them every time. I have always said, become that person first who can become an Entrepreneur later. If you think that you will become an entrepreneur FIRST and then start to love challenges, you are wrong. If you want to become an Entrepreneur in order to get away from problems, you are dreaming because becoming an Entrepreneur in actuality means you love problems, translated in better English, it means you love challenges. You love to find solutions. You do not get discouraged. You do not find excuses. You do not become negative. You do not say i wish rather you say i will. You do not..do not..and do not do million things that an average person does. Instead you follow your life’s calling or you end up following the one who did. Money is a by product of success and most people confuse success with money and the moment money becomes difficult to make, they give up and repeat the same process again. Trying to start another business leaving the first one half done. And the most silly term i have seen recently is that they call themselves a Serial Entrepreneur. What the hell is a “Serial” entrepreneur? Once an entrepreneur successfully, you are an entrepreneur. Imagine a Surgeon after having performed 10 different surgeries calling himself a serial surgeon… Or pilot after 4000 Flying Hours calling himself a serial pilot. Anyway…

And the second most important thing is that you need to be a patient person. Patient with a fire in your belly. Patient but proactive. Patient but consistent like a machine. I have seen so many entrepreneurs who were not very “Intelligent” but they succeeded. Not because they learned a new technique but because they were consistent. Never believed in being discouraged. Were always positive. Its funny that when we are working for someone else for 25 years and are still broke, we do not consider that a waste of time, but if we start a business and if it is not turning a profit within two years, we call it a waste of time. Never let the Positivity die in you. Never let anyone tell you that you are too positive. Its better to be too positive than to be not because you might miss a few opportunities being “Too Positive” but you can miss a million opportunities if you are not too positive.

Build a lot of dams of positivity in your mind so you can stop the flow of negative thoughts. Practice resilience. Practice positiveness. Practice faith. Practice belief in your future rather than practicing to appear in some entrepreneurial contest of some university where you have judges who have never failed and then succeeded with perseverance, putting fear in you sitting in their comfortable chairs taunting at you. I refuse to attend those conferences now. I have turned down every one of them since the past 8 months. People who do not know a thing about Venture Capitalism, are teaching how to raise money for your business. If you think that a great pitch will raise you money… Wake up. I have funded more companies in my career than you can count the zeros in the funding… only for two reasons we have given money… The need their product addresses and the people behind the idea. Nothing else. Nobody has ever learned to swim sitting outside the pool. Jump in Albeit in a shallow side first. Remember, your GUILT can never change your past and your ANXIETY can not make your Future Better…. Live Today.

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