Pakistan Is About To Collapse…

When I left Pakistan in my teenage years, Zia-ul-Haq was in power and I remember some elders discussing amongst themselves that Pakistan is about to collapse. Then I moved to America and while in my university at Rutgers, I became President of The Pakistani Association in my junior year for one term, and so many[...]
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24 Reasons Why Musharraf Should Be Hanged.

By Mir Mohammad Alikhan Traitor ? I am not being able to digest this word since yesterday. Tried quite a bit but failed to digest it. Whatever Musharraf was, he was not a traitor. If treason is defined and applied on Musharraf so loosely, then so many definitions of the word come to mind. Not[...]
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Why PIC Incident Took Place ?

Why PIC Incident Took Place ? By Mir Mohammad Alikhan #MirMak #PIC #PunjabInstituteOfCardiology No need to wonder. No need to bang your head against the wall as to how any human being in his right mind can take the oxygen mask off the face of a patient. The moment you question as to “how” then[...]
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