Imran Khan, Just Do This And You Will Save Pakistan Forever

The time, when 6 months ago, I warned about in my posts that the world Markets will come to a screeching halt along with the American Markets, Well that time in my view is here. Amongst the many signs, One is the fact that the CME Futures Exchange needed an intervention today, which is a[...]
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This Zardari Fake Accounts JIT Is Making My Head Spin

The more I read it the more I realise that it was nothing short of the biggest financial criminal enterprise Asia has ever seen. Yes the entire Asia. “Layering” is a term which means to create “Layers” Of protection between the original beneficiary and the funds. Every time you wash the money through one account, it’s considered[...]
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If You Oppose Israel, You Will Go To Jail.

Israel to me is not a Jewish state. It is a Zionist state. There is a huge difference between Zionism and Judaism. Islam and Judaism or Muslims and The Jews have lived peacefully side by side for over 1400 years. Our Prophet Muhammad SAWS himself made peace with Jews of that time and promoted the[...]
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