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Can PTI Handle This Financial Mess?

PTI government has to pay back $37 billion in the next 5 years for the loans taken before June 2018. Yes you read it right. For the loans taken before June 2018. That is a whopping figure. That is more than we will earn. That is 8 times more than the net reserves of The[...]
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Presidential System: Is It Worth It In Pakistan?

A new debate has started within Pakistan. Many Anchors, as usual, without a slightest of idea about how a Presidential system works, are running from pillar to post, trying to make it sound like a breaking news just so they can say, ”You heard it first on our channel”. Some are going as far as[...]
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Who Attacked Pulwama ? The Answer Is In These Questions

Less bullets flew around in World War II than the allegations flying around after the Pulwama attack. Media, specially the social side of it, on one hand has given the power to the people to air their opinions and on the other hand it has let a thousand canons loose in all directions. Patriotism on[...]
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What Does Pakistan Gain By Pulwama Attack?

Lets start by a qualifying statement. I am no Defence Analyst. But I have a little bit of common sense and quite a bit of financial world experience. Put these two things together and you come to a conclusion that money makes the world go round. May it be politics, national economic growth plan, strategical[...]
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Is IMF Going To Solve All Our Problems?

A better question keeping the title of this article in mind would be, “Should IMF Solve Our Problems ?” And the answer is NO. We should. If I compile the number of articles I have written over my lifetime about The International Monetary Fund, It would be a book. Same story line, same pre funding[...]
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Our Armed Forces: They Ate Up All Our Budget? Really?

Where to begin ? Myths, gossips, uninformed opinions, outright false allegations, blatant hate, ill intentions, or straight up wrong blames, you name it and the armed forces face it. Nowhere in the world have I seen such a narrative built against its own forces. Lack of knowledge or call it lack of want to know[...]
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